Buying from Yahoo!Japan Auctions? (Part 3)

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This part touches on how to register for a Yahoo!Japan account. It’s not necessary to register; you will need an account only if you want to view auctions that have ended.

Note: If you create an account, do not bid using it! Even if you own a credit card, you will be still be unable to pay the seller if your card is not issued in Japan. Most sellers will also not ship overseas even if you are able to pay them. Some deputy services might allow you to use your own account to bid; do check with them beforehand.

Go to the Yahoo!Japan homepage. Towards the top right hand corner of the page, you will see an icon with the image of an ID card, with the Japanese text below saying 無料ID活用. Click on that icon.

On the next page, click on the orange button that says Yahoo! JAPAN ID を取得, as shown by the arrow in the image above.

Enter the required details as shown in the images below (click to enlarge).

Fill up the fields normally; you don’t have to use the Japanese IME to type.

生年月日: You can leave the dropdown menu as it is. The default option is to follow the western calendar.

メールアドレス: You cannot use a Yahoo email address to register.

秘密の質問: Just remember which option you choose and what answer you typed, and you should be fine even if you don’t know what the question means. 😉

If there are any errors, they will be marked in red when you try to submit your details. If nothing goes wrong, you will have successfully registered your account. 🙂 To login, look for ログイン. ログアウト means logout.

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