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I’m back from Japan!

I came back 2 weeks ago actually… but I’m still not done with sorting and posting my photos, much less writing about the trip. -.-; It was a good trip though; my second one to Japan, and the experience was very different from the past one.

I wonder how this interest in Japan began… I can’t pinpoint a particular incident or time when it started, but I’m guessing that it happened after I came into contact with Japanese dramas, and later music. Depending solely on translations later became unsatisfying, and I took up the opportunity to learn Japanese during my university years (having interest in the language and being able to fulfill the elective credits I needed as well was certainly a good reason to enroll in those classes). Being able to understand some of the language allowed me to enjoy shows that weren’t translated, as well as look up information on Japanese sites, and learning more made me even more interested in the country, its culture and the people.

Japan is one of those countries that I’d love to visit again and again – there are just so many things I want to see and experience (and eat)! Living there is another matter though. A longer trip sometime in the near future would be nice – I’ve been wanting to go to Disney Sea, explore Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Tokyo, see Himeji Castle, and return for another trip to Hokkaido… I wonder how many trips it will take for me to be able to do that. At least Japan is relatively near!